Where Big Mining intends to inflict hideous scars upon the earth to no good end at all. Photo by Rob Levine. (threatenedwaters.com).
by Dan Burns
May 21, 2024, 11:30 AM

Death to the Talon mine!

There was much fanfare when the Talon Metals project signed on to eventually begin supposedly sending endless quantities of nickel to Tesla. This was the mining project in Minnesota that really would be unstoppable. Yet my searches the last couple of days seem to show there’s not much happening there, which is the way it should be, until this wretched nonsense is over with once and for all.

I’m thinking what’s going on with Tesla just might work to that end. Probably the best indicator of what’s really going on is what I screenshotted an hour ago. Talon Metals trades on the Toronto exchange.

Practically a “penny stock.” Not a lot of “investor confidence.”

All of which is not to say that I’m ready to with total confidence pronounce this dead and buried way, way deep down, among the low quality nickel ore that the world doesn’t need. No more than I’m confident that PolyMet and Twin Metals are really dead. The quantities of money and political influence that the mining multinationals can throw at all this preclude any certainty. But things are looking good for now if you ask me.

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