St. Cloud’s school board told it like it is about charters, and nothing’s happening

January 3, 2024

Maybe something will happen. Maybe.


Can right-wingers really “dumb down” a generation of kids?

March 14, 2023

It’s about their only chance, and some of them kind of know it

Some parents like segregated schools, so what’s the problem?

December 15, 2022

Charter school proponents say segregation is lawful


Biden takes a little first step for public schools

April 16, 2022

A lot better than nothing


Community schools are a great plan

November 18, 2021

So how will deformers try to stop them?

You can tell the Page Amendment is a Trojan horse

November 15, 2021

Because it is so poorly thought out


Guys, keep your grubby mitts out of Minnesota’s schools

January 16, 2020

First of all, the fact that Alan Page was a very great football player doesn’t give him standing on this. The proposed amendment would remove the requirement for a “uniform” system of public education from the state constitution. This strategy paves the way for taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools, which may discriminate against certain students. […]

Pia Payne-Shannon at Drinking Liberally

October 22, 2013

“We don’t need missionaries”

Bubble Test

High performing Charter Schools: Beating the odds, or beating the test?

September 4, 2012

The perils of teaching to the test in Minneapolis