Kim Crockett: stochastic terrorist – a reprise

August 21, 2022

Deflecting the attention of the rubes

Kim Crockett: stochastic terrorist

May 23, 2022

Deflecting the attention of the rubes


Sputtering hostility is not a legal argument

October 30, 2020

Recently, the 8th Circuit considered a Minnesota law that postponed a federal election date when a major party (one of the cannabis parties) candidate died close enough to the election to require a postponement to permit the nomination of a substitute candidate. Second District Congresswoman Angie Craig brought suit to invalidate the postponement, which had […]

Absentee Voting at Minneapolis City Hall

Hinderaker at his pearl clutching, fainting couch finest

November 8, 2016

It has take me a bit to get to this one, but a reader sent me a link to a post by John Hinderaker at Powerline about voter fraud, or so he claims. He says that Secretary of State Steve Simon “refuses to follow the law.” A suit for a temporary restraining order was brought in […]

Equity will not stoop to pick up pins

September 11, 2016

Update, 9/12: The Court went with the laches argument. One of the great things about law school (and there are many; I loved law school) was being introduced to equitable maxims. There is a pithy and often funny equitable maxim for almost any proposition you could advance. I think they stand as a stalwart defense […]

For those of you II

November 9, 2014

I don’t like ranked choice voting. I suggested a couple of days ago that RCV, as it is known to its pals, might well have elected Dan Severson Secretary of State. I think there is an excellent chance it would have. On the heels of the election, the executive director of FairVote Minnesota issued a […]

For those of you

November 5, 2014

Who think statewide ranked-choice voting is such a really good idea


Comment on Dan (“Doc”) Severson

October 30, 2014

Reader Alan left this comment on Dan Severson’s Brave New World of Voting II: I was surprised in listening to a small part of the debate that Severson is capable of sounding somewhat reasonable if he wants to. Based on all the ridiculous things he’s on the record saying, I thought we’d hear more of […]

Dan Severson’s Brave New World of Voting II

October 29, 2014

Dividing voters into equal and really equal ones

Dan “We are not a democracy” Severson

October 19, 2014

Just another dangerous, overheated crackpot

Marion Greene and Carly Melin

The Weekly Wrap 5-18

May 18, 2014

♣ Former State Rep. Marion Greene defeated St. Louis Park Council-member Anne Mavity 54%-46% for the Hennepin county commissioner seat left open by Gail Dorfman. Congratulations to Commissioner-elect Greene. ♣ The DFL announced the schedule for the state convention, in the last weekend of May, in the beautiful city of Duluth, in the Duluth Entertainment […]

One of these two persons

November 21, 2013

Will be the next Minnesota Secretary of State