It's fair season in Minnesota (
by ladyslipper
Jul 24, 2012, 2:00 PM

Elephant ears at the county fair

The family has been working at the county fair to bring in extra money: husband fellaslipper parking vehicles, and son dudeslipper directing them. During a momentary lull in traffic the subject of politics came up. One of the other guys parking cars said he supported Sarah Palin.

Fellaslipper asked, “You’re a working guy around my age. When were you at your most prosperous?”

“The nineties,” the guy said.

“Who was President then?”

No response.

Fellaslipper doesn’t recall how the topic of politics even came up. But when the opportunity came, he acted. When you’re at the county (or state) fair, see if you can engage someone in conversation. Not an in-your-face moment, but an unintentional, one-to-one, oh-by-the-way moment that personalizes what’s at stake in the November election. Maybe a pair of GOP ears will become undecided ears.

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