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by Tony Petrangelo
Oct 28, 2012, 3:00 PM

LeftMN Radio Hour 10-28

This week on the LeftMN Radio Hour we talk with former Governor and current co-chair of the Our Vote Our Future campaign, Arne Carlson. Governor Carlson is an eloquent and persuasive advocate against the amendment and makes a very convincing case for why it needs to be defeated.

Governor Carlson has been a member of the Minneapolis City Council, the Minnesota House of Representatives, a three-term State Auditor, and a two-term Governor. He knows the impact of the amendment on every level of government in Minnesota.

We also spend some time dissecting the claims made by one Kurt Bills in a certain television advertisement regarding one Tom Petters and one Amy Klobuchar. This is probably the most cogent explanation of what happened that could possibly be done in nine minutes. Srsly.

Also, because it’s less then two weeks away, we talk about Election Stuff!

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