by Jeff Wilfahrt
Sep 18, 2014, 5:00 PM

ISOL – Taking a cue from Irwin Jacobs

Some years back as the Red River basin snow melt commenced it was clear there would be flooding.

Irwin Jacobs did what any thoughtful capitalist would do, he went out and bought up all the sandbags he could find and sold them to the besieged at a profit he could afford.

We’re once again headed for more warring. Boots are already on the ground over this ISOL threat. Arguably not in a combat role…. yeah right!

If the likes of John Kline, Tim Walz and Collin Peterson haven’t already snapped up the available body bag supply you should consider making an Irwin Jacob’s move and snap them up, then sell them at a profit you can afford.

By the time this is posted we’ll know if Klobuchar and Franken voted for or against in the Senate.

Quick, before it’s too late make your move. If it turns out you’re too late consider some munitions. Maybe the Alliant Tech people have some new and improved kill ratio products to bolster stock value. The possibilities are nearly endless… because we appear to be at endless war now.

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