by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 10, 2015, 8:00 AM

No “we” in the GOP

Anyone else notice that the politics of the left use the pronoun “we” while the politics of the right use the pronoun “me”?

My guns, my taxes, my social security, my medicare, my religious rights, my right to take all natural resources.

They’d do well to rebrand themselves as “The First Person Singular Possessive” party (TFPSP).

The GOP never talks much about “our” roads, “our” infrastructure, “our” food labelling, “our” collective welfare let alone the notion of “our” environment. To wit the SCOTUS on mercury emissions or the expectant tragedy Polymet will become.

Trump epitomizes the point. Self aggrandizing only begins to cover the ego that comes from the right in all social policy approaches.

It is as if each grain of sand on a beach were to announce it alone comprised the term beach. So it is with the GOP candidates and so many of their supporters. Each claiming it is “my” country. No “our” to be heard.

It should scare the collective Minnesota populace that House Speaker Daudt thinks Governor Walker is presidential timber. But it won’t because Walker is of the first person possessive singular as is Daudt himself apparently.

Speaking of possession… the GOP would do well to consider the fact that we belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us.

Even an illiterate evangelical will recall that Eden was a gift, but then so was the devil’s apple.

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