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by Dan Burns
Oct 28, 2020, 6:00 AM

MN-08: Ditching Rep. Stauber, Part 3

From an email I got from the Quinn Nystrom campaign:

When (Rep. Pete Stauber) said about COVID-19, “Predominantly the people who succumb to this disease are seniors or folks with pre-existing conditions” Quinn responded: “Every single person’s life is valuable in this district.”

Audio of the phone-in debate, hosted by MPR last Friday, is here. The COVID-19 part begins at about 4:00, and the blockquote above is indeed accurate. Rep. Stauber also essentially blamed it all on China (“came to our shores through no fault of our own,” something like that), and praised the Trump administration’s response.

Did you get that? He praised Trump’s COVID-19 response.

Regarding a couple of other matters:

UPDATE: Worth quoting from the (Minnesota Reformer) item:

Nystrom cites her deep roots in the region as an advantage. “The race that I’m running is local,” she said. “I’m a fourth generation of this area. I’ve served on the city council. I served on the Minnesota Council on Disabilities. People can look at my history and see that ‘She is beyond committed to helping with this health care crisis.’”

Stauber voted against legislation in May 2019 which would have prevented states from disregarding federal guidance that requires health insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing health conditions.

“I had no intention of running for Congress,” Nystrom said. “But my background is being a health care advocate. We’re in a health care crisis and this was all before COVID.”

Stauber’s campaign did not respond to multiple requests from the Minnesota Reformer for an interview.

Question: How could Stauber have cast such a swinish vote?

Answer: By following Trump’s swinish healthcare leadership. Sucking up to the Obfuscator in Chief. Stauber’s a Republican after all, without the courage to join Lincoln Project, instead wanting Trump recognition of his pet aim to ruin the Boundary Waters Canoe Area ecology with crappy sulfide mining because it might yield a few short term jobs while risking poisoning the environment for half a millennium or more.
(Developers are Crabgrass)

Rep. Stauber has dropped all pretense to being any kind of caring “moderate.” He wouldn’t be doing that, if there weren’t plenty of indications that this race is more competitive than it was purportedly supposed to be. Here’s Quinn’s website.

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