Rep. Fischbach is in the middle, in the white shirt and shorts. It's dated July 11, 2020, so criticism on masking/distancing grounds is entirely valid. (
by Dan Burns
Feb 8, 2021, 10:00 AM

Minnesota has another Crazy Michelle in Congress

It’s not quite the same. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann has just one “l” in her first name, while Rep. Michelle Fischbach’s parents went with the far more common spelling. That said, there was this:

Two Republicans of the Minnesota Congressional Delegation, Reps. Michelle Fischbach and Jim Hagedorn, joined the six members of the Senate and the 121 members of the House who objected to the certification of the Electoral College votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania…

In a statement, Fischbach said the election was “shrouded in allegations of irregularities and fraud too voluminous to ignore.”

Actually, the obvious ideological difference that comes to mind, between Michele and Michelle, is that Bachmann is an overt theocrat, while Fischbach (though no doubt she lays on the evangelical conservatism, good and thick, when the situation calls for it), is a more purely political Trump right-winger. But what they most fundamentally share is a belief that it’s their destinies to try to make everyone behave and “think” as they do. Which is also shared, nowadays, by practically every elected Republican in Congress, and in any state political office. Unfortunately it is by no means confined to right-wingers, but it is by far most prevalent, and problematic, there.

People wonder how people like that manage to get to where they get, including all the way to the top, in politics. The thing is, they never question themselves, especially from any sort of objective, rational standpoint when it comes to ethical implications of what they’re doing. There is no doubt in their heads that they have absolute righteousness on their side. So they just go for it. And it works.

The following is idle speculation. Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) has his family home in Delano. Which could quite possibly be redistricted into a big western Minnesota CD that would hopefully be the state’s only ultra-safe red district. Which would likely mean that if Rep. Fischbach wanted to continue in Congress, she’d have to try her luck elsewhere, as presumably Rep. Emmer has no intention of dealing with a more competitive situation, every two years. We’ll see.

Comment from Alan: Michelle Fischbach’s family is in the anti-abortion flogging business. Her mother Darla St. Martin is an Associate Executive Director for the National Right to Life Committee. Fischbach’s husband runs Minnesotans Concerned for Life. They not only oppose abortion, they make their living by opposing abortion. It’s a family business. They scare and anger people about abortion and then take their money. They make a good living and don’t have to lift a shovel or get their hands dirty.

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