Mary Kiffmeyer, the Herodotus from Big Lake

June 15, 2021

Herodotus was the father of history; Mary Kiffmeyer is its mother

Historic Fort Snelling at Bdote

April 26, 2019

As many of you know, Senator Mary Kiffmeyer wants to lop $4 million dollars off the budget of the Minnesota Historical Society because the new sign at the Visitors’ Center at Fort Snelling reads: Historic Fort Snelling at Bdote. Bdote is the Dakota word for the “spur of land at the confluence of the Mississippi […]

Reports from the hustings in 49A

January 29, 2018

There are, fundamentally, a couple of ways to run for office. One way is to demonstrate experience, a deep knowledge of policy, and a commitment to issues that voters find important. The other way is to run a popularity contest. Regrettably, the second way sometimes wins. I was beaten for the president of the fifth […]

Jim Graves

The Weekly Wrap 6-1

June 1, 2013

Michele Bachmann announces her retirement and GOPers run one way, DFLers run the other

Dan and Mary’s brand new day

November 8, 2012

“We want to cooperate with you liars,” say Dan and Mary

Dan McGrath’s rotten Dagwood sandwich

November 1, 2012

But Dan, what if the felon votes for a Republican?

Arne Carlson on voter fraud, or rather the lack of it

October 11, 2012

Remarks delivered at Maplewood forum on October 9th

“Baby Boy” Carlson III

September 16, 2012

Can Mary Kiffmeyer come to Arne’s rescue?

Minnesota Supreme Court approves bait and switch

August 29, 2012

Justice Alan Page is not impressed

Transit of Venus

The Weekly Wrap 6-10

June 10, 2012

Retirements, deadlines, polls and amendment challenges

Not Almanac 5-14-12

May 14, 2012

Mark Dayton wins the legislative session