David Gerson

The Weekly Wrap 12-8

December 8, 2013

♣ St Cloud State University, as they do in the fall, released a poll conducted of Minnesota to find out what we think of some of our elected officials. Below, the results: SCSU (12/2, no trend lines): How would you rate the overall performance of Mark Dayton as Governor? Would you rate his performance as […]

Betsy Hodges

Fun with Graphs: 2013 Minneapolis election

November 21, 2013

Graphs concerning the results of the elections We begin with some graphs concerning the actual results of the actual elections. First up, a graph of the top Mayoral vote getters number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice votes. And a line graph of just the top three by round. Both of these graphs show, to […]

Betsy Hodges

The Weekly Wrap 11-9

November 9, 2013

It’s been a few weeks since I did The Wrap™, having been distracted by new polls the last two weeks. But The Wrap™ returns, to do it’s Wrapy thing once again and all of Minnesota Politicoland rejoices. ♣ First off, the unofficial election results from the elections on Tuesday in Minneapolis that had to go […]

Surly Five

Elections Live Blog

November 5, 2013

[liveblog] Pictured above is a bottle of Surly Five that I pulled out of my beer cellar for just this occasion. This occasion being an election of course. But not just an election, no no no, a very special, 35 contestant, Ranked Choice Voting open seat Minneapolis Mayoral election. Plus a whole bunch of competitive […]

2013 Minneapolis Sample Ballot

Ranked Choice Voting Question Time: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

October 28, 2013

This post is a continuation of my very topical series on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). A series that began with a post tiled, “Ask Me Anything: Ranked Choice Voting,” where I pleaded with readers to ask me questions about Ranked Choice Voting so that I could turn around and use those questions to create hot […]

Minneapolis Mayoral Race Venn Diagram

Ranked Choice Voting Question Time: 35 Candidates and Vote Ranking

October 22, 2013

This post is part of an ongoing series of posts in which I attempt, however feebly, to answer questions about this newfangled (not really) thing called Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), or Instant-Runoff Voting, or as one candidate for Minneapolis Mayor pleads in his party affiliation “Count All Rankings.” The first post of the series concerned […]

2013 Minneapolis Sample Ballot

Responses to selected feedback on my last Ranked Choice Voting post

October 16, 2013

I got a few responses to my previous post on Ranked Choice Voting that deserve to be addressed, so that’s what I’ll do. Starting with: The author here has a few misunderstandings of the process. The Minneapolis rules provide for batch elimination for all the candidates that cannot mathematically win. This will weed out the […]

integrity yo

The Weekly Wrap 10-5

October 5, 2013

Not much happened this week as far as The Wrap™ is concerned (being the persnickety beast that it is, The Wrap™ deals only with, or mostly with, elections news and not process and policy, or lack of process and policy, news) as all of the oxygen in the world of politics is being sucked up […]

Deform’s dowager queen

September 24, 2013

Types through clenched teeth

Mark Andrew

The Weekly Wrap 9-21

September 21, 2013

Mark Andrew responds to the Strib poll and Julianne Ortman’s campaign roll out continues

Don Samuels

StarTribune polls the Minneapolis Mayoral race, finds no one breaking 20%

September 16, 2013

The StarTribune released a poll of the Minneapolis Mayoral race that shows the following: Pulse Opinion Research (9/15, no trend lines): 1st Choice – Minneapolis Mayor Dan Cohen (I) 16 Don Samuels (DFL) 16 Stephanie Woodruff (DFL) 5 Cam Winton (I) 9 Jackie Cherryhomes (DFL) 7 Bob Fine (DFL) 1 Betsy Hodges (DFL) 14 Mark Andrew […]

Sample Ranked-Choice Voting Ballot

Gary Schiff learns about Ranked-Choice Voting

June 27, 2013

Gary Schiff was the first DFLer to drop out of the Minneapolis Mayoral race, citing the lack of a path to victory in the aftermath of the Minneapolis DFL convention. He gave an interview to MinnPost after withdrawing from the race and shared some thoughts on his now defunct campaign for Mayor. In the course […]