Rebecca Otto and Matt Entenza

The Weekly Wrap 7-20

July 20, 2014

♣ There have been a number of developments in the race for the most glamorous political position in the entire state of Minnesota, I’m talking of course about the State Auditor’s race. We’ll start with this ad from challenger Matt Entenza: This ad pretty well encapsulates Entenza’s pitch, which is; “I’m progressive, I’ll be an activist […]

Scott and Karin, turn up your hearing aids

July 18, 2014

My older readers — which means most of you, I suppose — can remember when Bob Dole, running against Bill Clinton in 1996, said, in a debate, I think, “Let me be your bridge to the past.” I knew at that instant that Bob Dole would never be the president of the good ‘ol YOU ESS AAAY. It […]

Absentee Voting at Minneapolis City Hall

The Weekly Wrap 6-29

June 29, 2014

Go vote!

Mark Dayton and Al Franken

Two new polls paint different pictures of Minnesota races

June 18, 2014

Two new polls of the two big races in Minnesota this fall have come out, well, one of the polls is from last week and I’ve just now come around to write about it. So it’s new to these electronic not-pages. I’ll start on the Gubernatorial side and begin with the most recent poll from […]

Rebecca Otto

Minnesota Primary Elections, annotated

June 13, 2014

Statewide Races This is by no means an exhaustive listing of all primary elections that will be taking place in Minnesota. Some of the primaries taking place feature perennial candidates or otherwise not serious candidates and are not listed here. Rather, this is a listing of the primary elections actually worth paying attention to. GOP […]

AMSOIL Arena Duluth

Minnesota Political Convention Wrap

June 1, 2014

Before I get to the results of the conventions, there are a few items worth mentioning. ♣ Governor Mark Dayton announced that he would take matching funds in his race for Governor. Gov. Mark Dayton signed an agreement Friday that will sharply limit his ability to personally bankroll his re-election campaign. Dayton agreed not to […]

Marion Greene and Carly Melin

The Weekly Wrap 5-18

May 18, 2014

♣ Former State Rep. Marion Greene defeated St. Louis Park Council-member Anne Mavity 54%-46% for the Hennepin county commissioner seat left open by Gail Dorfman. Congratulations to Commissioner-elect Greene. ♣ The DFL announced the schedule for the state convention, in the last weekend of May, in the beautiful city of Duluth, in the Duluth Entertainment […]

Mark Dayton and Tina Flint-Smith

The Weekly Wrap 2-9

February 9, 2014

♣ Last week current Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon announced that she will not be running for re-election to her post in 2014. Since than, and even before, there was much talk of who would be tapped to replace her on the ticket. Early this week Governor Mark Dayton revealed his choice: Gov. Mark Dayton […]

Rich Man

The only time

May 8, 2013

A childhood friend who passed through the same parochial school system as me used to point out that in the New Testament there was only the one story of the Christ figure losing his temper. It was in the temple as I recall. And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all […]

Jeff Johnson

The Weekly Wrap 5-3

May 3, 2013

♣ After having an opponent, though briefly, then not having one, it looked like Chris Coleman was going to get a pass. Maybe not: Tim Holden’s move to file paperwork for his mayoral campaign moves him one step closer to a run against popular DFL Mayor Chris Coleman, who is seeking a third four-year term […]

Scott Honour

The Weekly Wrap 4-26

April 26, 2013

In which Mark Dayton get’s his first challenger and John Kline loses one

Shelly at CPAC

The Weekly Wrap 3-22

March 22, 2013

Minnesota’s very own Michele Bachmann is the subject of much of the Wrap this week