by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 9, 2013, 11:55 AM

Dear John Boehner, l’audace de l’audace et encore de l’audace

Dear John,

You’ll recognize the title as having some French. If you didn’t take French it translates loosely as “the audacity, the audacity and yet more audacity.”

There’s this guy named Bennett who publishes cartoons and sometimes he seems to disparage your actions. His stuff runs in the deep deep South, Chattanooga to be exact.

How can that be John? His cartoon is impugning your dignity as Speaker of the House.

As long as you have this really strong shut down bargaining position it seems the ante could really be raised if you dovetailed some anti-cartooning legislation with your demands. There should be no government while Obamacare lives and cartoonists remain at large.

Bennett gets to publish stuff like this but meanwhile the money that people might give you and the Tea Party remains capped. It’s just not fair John, Bennett can draw cartoons but you can’t draw money. You must be hoping the Robert’s court will give you some relief.

It is so clear from your concern about the debt and the rest of the Tea Party agenda that this man should not enjoy freedom of speech (or cartooning for that matter) while your financial support is being stifled.

The type of audacity this Bennett guy displays has got to be disheartening for you John. The image displayed with the post suggests that somehow the GOP’s fingerprints are on the execution of the government. He’s making light of your cold sober demands. You are sober, right John?

Audacity is like porn John, you know it when you see it.

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