Why did a Court of Appeals Judge ask if PolyMet’s dam was a Hail Mary? A reprise

March 29, 2023

It’s more of a Lazarus, really


Pres. Biden doesn’t seem to see a need for PolyMet

May 28, 2021

Or for new mining, sulfide or otherwise, in general. From earlier this week: U.S. President Joe Biden will rely on ally countries to supply the bulk of the metals needed to build electric vehicles and focus on processing them domestically into battery parts, part of a strategy designed to placate environmentalists, two administration officials with […]


It’s past time for PolyMet/Glencore to just give up

May 2, 2021

But they won’t.

PolyMet permitting timeline

December 6, 2019

A companion to the eBook: Fourteen Years of Bullshit

PolyMet: Fourteen Years of Bullshit, the eBook

December 2, 2019

With a link to free ePub, azw3, and mobi format copies, and as a PDF, too

Cover of PolyMet - 14 Years Of Bullshit

PolyMet – 14 Years Of Bullshit

November 30, 2019

files: epub | pdf | azw3* | mobi sites: amazon | apple | nook | kobo PolyMet: Fourteen Years of Bullshit is the story of ineptitude, inattention, and outright corruption by Minnesota and federal regulators in consideration of permits for copper sulfide mining near Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota for PolyMet Mining, a Canadian penny-stock company and its shadowy […]

Why did a Court of Appeals Judge ask if PolyMet’s dam was a Hail Mary?

October 29, 2019

It’s more of a Lazarus, really

PolyMet scores a hat trick!

June 26, 2019

O, what a tangled web we weave . . .

Skipping down Memory Lane with PolyMet

June 22, 2019

If you get the right pollution regulators, they are your defenders, not your regulators

PolyMet: The readily apparent becomes wholly manifest

May 21, 2019

This is about as unsurprising as anything could be: (May 8), global mining giant Glencore moves one big step closer to owning the proposed Northern Minnesota copper-nickel venture PolyMet… Fundamentally, Glencore is a different kind of mining company than the Iron Range has dealt with in recent years. They’re enormous and fast-moving, anti-union and hard-bargaining. […]

Comment on the PolyMet FEIS

December 10, 2015

Do it now

Lee Schafer: PolyMet tout

October 21, 2015

Please see the updates below — It has been an especially glum time for the mining industry in recent months. Taconite (spellchecker offers masonite) plants are shuttered across northern Minnesota, and to add insult to injury, a new one, Essar Steel “Minnesota” is set to commence operations next year, financed in part with some $72 million in […]