by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 7, 2013, 4:02 PM

Smoke filled back room is so passe

Not sure what the Democratic corollary is but the GOP held the contemporary version of a smoke filled back room on politics.

They don’t use smokey rooms anymore, now they rent out entire facilities, secure the site like Ft. Knox and make darn sure there is no transparency, none, zero, nada.

These are the monied pockets of the GOP who will sugar coat a policy into a palatable form for consumption. Of course their base has none of the wealth or privilege the deciders own but they will ally with them for some trope like “no new taxes” or “job creators” in an attempt to enact policies that will ultimately benefit those at the secured site more-so than any hoodwinked base voter.

The government these folks are so set on shrinking is going to give them a business expense tax break for this whole charade of democracy.

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