Jim Graves

The Weekly Wrap 6-1

June 1, 2013

Michele Bachmann announces her retirement and GOPers run one way, DFLers run the other

Capitol steps

The Weekly Wrap 5-25

May 25, 2013

♣ Almost immediately after announcing his support for the now passed into law Marriage equality bill, Joe Radinovich, a DFL Representative from Crosby, faced the threat of a recall. Earlier this week Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lori Gildea ruled, “not so much.” Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Lori Gildea has ruled that Reps. Joe Radinovich, DFL-Crosby, and John Ward, […]

Jim Graves

The Weekly Wrap 4-13

April 13, 2013

♣ Yet another Some Dude business type (the other being Scott Honour) has indicated that he might be running against Al Franken in 2014. Mike McFadden of the firm Lazard Middle Market has been meeting with political consultants and Republican Party leaders to talk about a possible run. The MNGOP really doesn’t have much of […]

Minneapolis Mayoral Debate Participants

The Weekly Wrap 3-29

March 29, 2013

♣ Michele Bachmann find herself in the news once again, this time not for things that she said, but rather things that she did or didn’t do on her way to finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses: The Daily Beast has learned that federal investigators are now interviewing former Bachmann campaign staffers nationwide about alleged […]

Marriage Equality Rally

The Weekly Wrap 3-15

March 16, 2013

Marriage equality passed out of committees in the Senate and House this week

Mark Dayton pardons a Turkey

The Weekly Wrap 11-23

November 23, 2012

Ballots get tossed out in a house race and the 2014 rumor mill is already kicking into gear

Sen. Tom Bakk

The DFL wave crashes ashore

November 7, 2012

How will they use their mandate?

Rick Nolan

Two new polls show Michele Bachmann and Rick Nolan ahead

October 23, 2012

New polls of Minnesota’s sixth and eighth congressional district races were released by the StarTribune Monday morning. For these survey’s they are utilizing the services of Pulse Opinion Research, a subsidiary of well known pollster Rasmussen. Pulse Opinion Research (10/22, no trend lines): Chip Cravaack (R-inc) 43 Rick Nolan (D) 50 Undecided 7 (MoE: ±3%) […]

Pile of Cash

The Weekly Wrap 10-19

October 19, 2012

Lots going on this week; race ratings, fundraising, polls, ad buys, more polls, and possible campaign dirty tricks

Michele Bachmann's mean face

Michele Bachmann leads by nine in first public poll of MN-6

October 16, 2012

We’ve already seen two polls of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional district race between Representative Michele Bachmann and Jim Graves. Both of those polls were of the internal variety, and both from the Graves campaign itself. Those polls showed a Michele Bachmann lead of five and than two points. The first public poll of the race, conducted […]

Rick Nolan

The Weekly Wrap 10-5

October 5, 2012

This week we learn that Minnesota Public Radio is out of the polling game and sometimes what looks like triage is in fact not triage

Tim Pawlenty is out of his league

The Weekly Wrap 9-23

September 23, 2012

This week’s wrap, like last weeks wrap, is light on prose, but heavy on embedded YouTube videos.