We wouldn’t be here today

May 15, 2013

If it weren’t for the MNGOP’s failed marriage amendment gambit

LeftMN Radio Hour

LeftMN Radio Hour 12-30

December 30, 2012

This week we wrap up the year by replaying a few old interviews

MNUnited Victory Party

Marriage Equality for Minnesota Now!

November 12, 2012

Sign the petition and tell the Governor and Legislature

Geoff Michel’s famous last words

November 9, 2012

“When pigs fly,” says Geoff

Another Catholic Voting NO

Did the Marriage amendment deliver the suburbs to the DFL?

November 9, 2012

With the DFL winning back both chambers of the Minnesota Legislature, due largely to their strength in the suburbs, the question has been asked (and was being asked before the election too), did the Marriage amendment help to deliver the suburbs to the DFL? I’m going to explore that idea a bit in this post, […]

MNUnited Victory Party

The Rural-Suburban divide on the Minnesota amendments

November 7, 2012

With the results of the 2012 election now almost entirely in the books, Photo Voter ID is failing 52.3%-46.4%, a 5.9% margin. Marriage is failing 51.1%-47.6%, a 3.5% margin. In the end, Photo Voter ID lost by two and a half points more than the Marriage amendment, a result practically unthinkable only a few weeks ago. […]

Minnesota sends surfer dude Frank Schubert packing

November 7, 2012

Seen leaving the state with his board strapped to the roof of his car

Vote NO Cake

New SurveyUSA poll shows support for amendments below 50%!

November 4, 2012

SurveyUSA’s previous poll of Minnesota caused me to write that the two amendment races had reached a stasis of sorts. This poll, and yesterdays PPP poll, completely blow up that theory. SurveyUSA (11/4, 10/30 in parenthesis, 10/15 in brackets): An amendment to the Minnesota Constitution on the ballot would require voters to show photo I.D.’s in order to vote […]

Mark Osler at Drinking Liberally on the marriage amendment

November 4, 2012

Former prosecutor Osler delivers his final argument against the marriage amendment

Vote NO on both Amendments

New PPP poll shows opposition to both amendments above 50%!

November 4, 2012

In their last poll of the state, and likely the last poll to be released in Minnesota, prior to the election, Public Policy Polling finds opposition to both of the amendments above 50%. First up, the Photo Voter ID amendment: PPP (11/3, 10/8 in parenthesis, 9/12 in brackets): Should the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require all voters to […]

Interview with Keith Ellison after Drinking Liberally’s Really Big Show

November 2, 2012

On November 1, 2012

Greta Bergstrom with Vote No sign

New Minnesota Amendments poll shows stable races

October 31, 2012

Which is not really a good thing