Dear John Boehner, l’audace de l’audace et encore de l’audace

October 9, 2013

Stop the cartoons John, they’re making fun of your leadership

GOP more willing to shut down government than the war they kicked off

October 6, 2013

Four more Americans dead in Afghanistan. Now why isn’t this the GOP priority? They have the upper hand since 2008. They can blame it all on Obama now, the surge, the continued fatalities. It was all kicked off by the predecessor but like most of their unfinished business (political messes) the GOP pursues subterfuge. Let’s […]

Nanotechnology is coming to a home near you

September 26, 2013

Change too small to see but you will notice it when it arrives

MN Elections Info site Maps page

MN Elections Info site: New Feature!

September 9, 2013

Maps of every congressional and legislative district

MN Elections Info Graph page

Looking at some features of the Minnesota Elections Info site

September 5, 2013

Tuesday I introduced the Minnesota Elections Info site. Today, I’m going to spend a bit of time on some of the features of the site. There are currently four different sections to the site; General elections results, Primary elections results, a general elections Graph and a timeline of Minnesota electoral history. Let’s go over these […]

MN Elections Info

LeftMN Projects: Minnesota Elections Info

September 3, 2013

Because those of us here at LeftMN are so dedicated to bringing you the best in Minnesota political coverage, we have a number of projects in the works to help us do just that. The first of these that we are revealing is the Minnesota Elections Info site, which can be found at:  [Update: […]

Smoke filled back room is so passe

August 7, 2013

Why settle for one room when you can occupy an entire facility?

Minnesota Majority and the Oral Roberts playbook

August 6, 2013

McGrath not thinking big enough to raise $20k; he should have used the Oral Roberts method

David Bowie


March 13, 2013

Time may change me
But I can’t trace time


On comments

November 19, 2012

A description of LeftMN’s new commenting system