Moriarty brings hope, not fear

October 29, 2022

Professor Mark Osler is right

The picture becomes clearer . . .

December 13, 2018

The reprint of a story on Professor Mark Osler’s blog – Osler’s Razor

Considering Amy

November 23, 2018

Professor Mark Osler tagged me in a Facebook post linking to his opinion piece in The Hill advancing the idea that Sen. Amy Klobuchar should run for president in 2020. Perhaps the tag was to invite comments from me; I hope so, because I have some. They aren’t the same as the professor’s, though. Summarizing […]

Mark Osler on Richard Painter

July 9, 2018

Mark Osler is the Robert and Marion Short Professor of Law at the University of St. Thomas. Professor Osler is a nationally-recognized expert on sentencing disparities and the effective and humane use of clemency and the presidential pardon power in criminal law. He manages a clemency clinic at St. Thomas where students and staff assist […]

A Christmas Day homily

December 25, 2016

St. Thomas University Law School professor Mark Osler is recognized as a national champion in the cause for clemency for low-level non-violent offenders in federal prisons. A former Assistant United States Attorney in Detroit, he had ample opportunity to see the implementation of draconian sentences. He was a speaker at Drinking Liberally some months ago […]

Making the case for mercy

April 30, 2016

One inmate at a time

Clemency discussed at Drinking Liberally

April 27, 2016

On April 28th

LeftMN Radio Hour

LeftMN Radio Hour 3-10

March 10, 2013

Our guest this week is St. Thomas Law Professor Mark Osler and we talk about guns and kittens. Seriously

Talking about guns at Drinking Liberally

February 27, 2013

Thursday evening, February 28th

Mark Osler at Drinking Liberally on the marriage amendment

November 4, 2012

Former prosecutor Osler delivers his final argument against the marriage amendment

Drinking Liberally’s Really Big Show: the video

November 3, 2012

Featuring Nancy Nelson, Mark Osler and Keith Ellison

Drinking Liberally’s really big show!

October 31, 2012

That’s Thursday evening, November 1st